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Yesterday I placed 3RD in a halloween competition at school. A few posts back, I posted about my trial run of this costume..

This costume is simple if you don’t want to go buy a costume! [I’m all about saving pennies people!] Let’s be honest, halloween costumes are a lot of money, and big waste of money at that.

First we painted her nails a shimmery turquoise color by NYC, $0.97 at Target.
Second [after applying concealer and foundation] we put a fish net stocking over her head..[spray skin with water, this is important*] we used a mixed variety of eyeshadows to sweep across her forehead, blending so that the gradation of colors is beautiful.
Third eyeshadows and eyeliners on the eyes, get creative!
Fourth her hair was naturally dried, we did a fish tail on one side, sprayed and teased a lot [for the natural messy beach hair look], and added homemade green extensions [among a few homemade shell-pins and an enormous homemade starfish headband].
Fifth we put on her crazy, obnoxious, glittery eyelashes [that kept getting stuck in her hair] last so they wouldn’t bother her too much
Sixth quickly, we added some scales with the fishnets to her shoulders, forearms and hands.
Seventh a sequin top and a tight fitting body-con skirt with some type of fish net stocking seals the deal! 

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